Terms and conditions


  1. All bookings are accepted on these terms and conditions and no variation thereof shall be valid unless same is in writing signed by both parties.

  2. Upon acceptance of the booking a non refundable fee of £50 shall be paid, this will guarantee the date of your event. Until such fee is paid without prejudice to the validity of any other part of this contract the partnership shall be under no obligation to perform any work, furthermore in the event of another booking being made for the same date, preference will be given on the receipt of the first booking fee made.

  3. The balance of the cost shall be paid in full, (in cash only), on the date of the event and within the first half hour of the DJ's performance. If payment is not made the contract will therefore be in default and thereof all liability on the part of the partnership shall cease and the DJ at his/her absolute discretion shall be entitled to pack up all equipment and leave. The client will still be obligated to honour the full cost of the contract.

  4. In the event of the DJ being unable to perform or complete the engagement for any reason whatsoever the partnership will use their best endeavours to secure a replacement DJ but if no such replacement DJ can be found then the liability of the partnership is limited to making a refund of all moneys paid under the agreement less any out of pocket expenses reasonably incurred.

  5. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all the equipment is in sound working order the partnership’s liability in the event of the partnership being unable to perform or complete the engagement due to malfunction of equipment shall be limited to making a refund of all money’s paid under the agreement less any out of pocket expenses reasonably incurred, save that in the event of part only of the event being performed then a proportionate amount of moneys received will be returned.

  6. Whilst the DJ will use his/her best endeavours to perform the event or function, the contents of the performance shall be in the absolute discretion of the DJ save pre presented play lists. Such lists cannot be presented on the day of the event or function. Customer reviews of the DJ will have no baring on the contract and shall in no circumstances absolve the customer from his/her liability for payment hereunder.

  7. In no circumstances does the partnership accept liability whatsoever for any loss and/or damage consequential upon or arising out of the partnership’s failure to perform or complete the engagement for any reason whatsoever; the risk whereof the client agrees to accept by payment of any moneys due hereunder.

  8. The partnership will provide all music to be played by the DJ. Under no circumstances will the DJ accept any music from any source, including but not limited to:- records, cassettes, cd's, phone content, memory stick content or any mobile media device.

  9. In the event of cancellation by the client the booking fee shall be forfeit.

  10. In the event of cancellation or an early finish by the venue on the day of or during the event for any reason whatsoever, full payment will be due and it will be up to the client to negotiate compensation with the venue.

  11. A parking space must be provided close to the venue entrance / back entrance. Failure to provide an adequate parking area (large car / small van), may result in a longer set up and pack down time. The DJ will endeavour to set up and be playing on time, but if they run over and into the booked performance time, this will be the fault of the client. The partnership accepts no responsibility for a set up overrun in the case of suitable parking not being provided and the client will still be obligated to honour the full cost of the contract.

  12. Payment of any moneys hereunder is deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions hereof.

  13. Any variation of any terms hereof whether written or oral shall not have the effect of varying or invalidating any of the other terms hereof.

  14. The expression herein “the partnership” means Scorpio Sounds or their nominated agent.


Demonstration recordings. We reserve the right to record some of your event and show your video to prospective clients who may be interested in viewing a sample of our work. If this concerns you please let us know and the recording will not be shown.




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